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Gingerbell Fredericia Gea (GEA)

Niah From Shepherds Own 

(VIOLA) ISDS 342834


Nice Of You To Come Bye Mocha Mixture (QUERIDA)


Guapa To Shark Zanzibar

(GUAPA) ISDS 333537

 Gail (GAIL)

ISDS IT/333569

Come Back To Gingerbell


 Jpotvee (EVEE)

Our Arya From Shepherds Own (ARYA)

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Gingerbell Invidia


Shepworld Fields Of Gold At Gingerbell (MOSS)

ISDS 348089


Gingerbell For Us From DK (LYN)

Gingerbell Meoquanee


Gingerbell D'ora In Poi (DAISY)

Gingerbell C'est La Vie (JACKIE)


Gingerbell Quali Alibi (JO)

Gingerbell Ma Come Mi Chiamo (ARAN)

Gingerbell Unica (JILL)

Gingerbell Girlfriend (GWEN)

Derry Glee (GLEE)

O'Kate Des Culmines (KATE)

In pensione

Sheepdog Border Collie

Fairyknowe Nazca (KENYA)

Agility Border collie

Gioco Con Gingerbell


Annis Am Bith

ISDS 310067